Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Arguments For/Against God part 1

I am not going to talk on the existence of God at this point, and I believe accepting anybody's beliefs, but I do not believe that people should be so ignorant as to be taken in by idiotic arguments as those I will list below.

According to St. Anselm of Canterbury in 1078:
It is possible to concieve of a being than which nothing greater can be concieved.
Even an atheist can concieve of such a being, although he would deny its existence.
But, goes Anselm's argument, a being that doesn't exist is, by the very fact, less perfect.
Therefore, we have a contradiction, and Presto, God exists.
It is false to simply believe that because we can dream something, then it will be so. If this were true, we would have unicorns and martians running around all over. We can't simply say that because we can concieve a God, then he exists.
The Argument From Degree:
We notice that things in the world differ.
There are varying degrees of goodness or perfection.
We judge those degrees only by comparison against a maximum.
Humans can be both good and bad, so maximum goodness cannot rest within us.
Therefore there must be some other maximum to set the standard for perfection.
We call this maximum God.
Is this an arguent?? We may as well make this same reference with any degree of comparison. We may as well say that the pre-eminently stinky being is God, as he is the maximum degree of smell, that all other smells are measured against. This same argument can be used in hundreds of thousands of cases, and recieve equally false concusions.
More on this subject later.

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  1. ...obviously, God is a giant turtle carrying the entire world on his back. Jeez, I thought you knew that!
    (jk. that's just one of my favorite myths, because it amuses me. Not saying it couldn't be true, but that would be smegging effed up if it was.)